Controlled leavening chambers
Controlled proofing chambers with automatic and programmed leavening cycle A-toxic and plastic bonded laminated panels (on request STAINLESS STEEL). Polyurethane insulated panels with 7 cm. thickness Shrouds and ventilation channels in AISI 300 Stainless Steel Direct expansion cooling system for humidity, temperature and timing control and operation programming.
Complete with all electrical and mechanical devices, suitable to grant the highest operator’s working safety Manufacture according to European Disposition 89/392 CEE for the machines manufacturing.

Dough climatized chambers
(mother dough retarder/provers)
Automatic and programmable conservation chamber for mother dough. Monolithic structure made with high density polyurethane panels, plastic bonded (on request Stainless Steel); internal rounded corners to prevent deposits. Safety internal unlocking door and Stainless Steel base. Manual and/or automatic functioning. Electronic version with computerized control of cycle parameters, with the possibility to store up to 50 different programs. Programmable working temperature for +5 °C / +35 °C.

Proofing chambers
Proofing chamber with controller temperature and humidity Structure made with galvanized aluminum frame and high density insulated panels, granting structure rigidity and proofed insulation.
The heating – steam production unit, includes the heating eclectic resistances, air circulation system with accurate temperature and humidity control.
The air circulation, force through a stainless steel grant a perfect and homogeneous distribution of the internal temperature and the internal hygrostat allow to check and constantly regulate the humidity granting a perfect leavening process.

Water chillers
Water dosing and mixers
Used to reduce the water temperature in the range form +25 °C to +2 °C. Frame structure and water built in Stainless Steel AISI 304. Refrigeration unit located on the base.
Automatic temperature control and external reading of the water level into the reservoir.

Automatic device for mixing cold and hot water and precise electronic dosing.

Blast chillers - shock freezers
NOVACEL deep freezers are high freezing power equipment and allow to reduce rapidly the temperature of al the products. The blast-freezing treatments, due to its rapidity, stop the bacterial proliferation.
The shock freezing phase ((temperature -18 °C in the earth of the product allows the preservation of the foods for long period of time, granting the conservation of hygienic, nutritional and tasting quality.

Refrigerated and conservation benches and tables
Positive temperature (TN from -2 °C a +8 °C) and low temperature (BT from -18 °C a -20 °C)refrigerated cabinets for pastry and bread products. Totally manufactured in AISI 30 4 Stainless Steel, with internal rounded corners to grant hygiene and to facilitate cleaning. Available in the version with 1 or 2 doors, with electro mechanical and electronic controls. Automatic defrost and condensate evaporation. Standard supplied with 18 supports for 60x40 pans (or in alternative with 4 chromed grids GN 2/1).
The retarder-proofers cabinets have the same structure of the conservation cabinets of the BT series, with refrigeration unit locates on the top of the cabinet. Standard execution includes 18 supports for 60x40 pan.
The function allow to control with automatic and programmable cycle process the leavening process. The humidity is electromechanically controlled through an internal hygrostat. The control electronic control panel shows the temperature and timing parameters. Allows the programming of the working cycle with 4 steps and 50 different memory stored programs.