Tecnology for baking

NOVACEL produces a wide range of equipment and systems for dough proofing and conservation, as well as solution for freezing bakery and pastry products. These include proofing chambers, water chillers, automatic and electronically controlled proofers, refrigerated cabinets and benches, blast chillers and deep freezing tunnels.

Water line

Two different types of water chiller, with tank and instantaneous. Water doser and mixer, from the base line with thermostatic valve to the top line completely automatic. Our technical department is available to study specific and custom solutions, with specific working conditions and production.

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Line for dough pieces
climatic control

A full range of chambers and fermentation cabinets, retarding proofer chambers which provide to the bakers, professional machines to increase the organization and improve the production. Our technicians are available to customize dimension in order to optimize the available space inside the bakery.

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Shock freezing
and conservation line

A wide range of machines suitable for the shock freezer, blast chiller and conservation of products. In the field of conservation, we can study specific solutions for commercial and industrial cold rooms under project requirements of the clients.

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Who are

For the last twenty years ROVIMPEX NOVALEDO has produced machines and plants for the bakery industry in its Novaledo factory (Trento – Italy). Under its trademark NOVACEL, the company supplies products for small and medium-sized bakeries, semi automatic lines for industrial bakeries in addition to plants for frozen bread and pastry production.

We are also specialized in the realization of cold rooms which works at normal and low temperature, suitable for a wide range of dimensions and products: flowers and plants, meat and fish, cakes and bread.


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